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Stockport Gin Gunpowder Edition - 5cl Bottle

Award Winning Gins

Stockport Gin Gunpowder Edition is our Navy Strength Gin at 57.1% ABV!

The term 'Navy Strength' allegedly derives from a test the Royal Navy did many years ago, to determine the strength of their spirits. The spirit would be mixed with gunpowder and lit with a match. If it burned with a clear flame it was proof that the spirit was of sufficient strength (approx. 57% ABV) so that when stored on boats alongside gunpowder, if the gin was to spill onto the powder, it would still light if required!

It is an explosion of intense botanical flavours, with plenty of warmth, spice and forest pine, whilst still packing in a medley of citrus notes and staying true to our Stockport Gin roots.

Orders will be dispatched within 2-3 working days via Royal Mail.


Click and Collect option available - order online and collect from our shop in Stockport Town Centre.

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