Launched in March 2019, STOCKPORT GIN is run by us - husband and wife Paul and Cheryl, from our distillery in Stockport.

We are both born and bred in Stockport and met on a cold, wet weekend away in Torquay watching Stockport County. The rest, as they say, is history!

As huge craft gin enthusiasts we always love to try local craft gin wherever we travel to. We soon came to realise that everywhere had their own gin...apart from Stockport!
We had said for a long time "somebody should make a Stockport Gin" but nobody did...so we did!

We use a 100l stainless steel column still, and we are involved in every step of the process including foraging our signature botanical pine needles from Etherow Counrty Park, distilling, bottling, labelling, delivering and ofcourse taste testing!

We set about making a variety of citrus based London Dry gins, as well as our fresh and fruity pink gin.
Our main aim has always been to make flavour profiles that we personally loved ourselves, in the hope others would love them too.