We make our gin at our home in Stockport using our 100l still and we are involved in every step of the process from selection of the botanicals to making the gin, bottling it, sticking labels on and selling it.

One of our main aims when making our Gin is that we want quality and not quantity which is why all our batches are made on a small scale by hand.

Every bottle we produce is marked with the batch and bottle number, so you know exactly which bottle you get from which batch. Every bottle is unique, but the gin inside will always be the same.


Alongside the main ingredient Juniper, we put our carefully selected botanicals into the copper still allowing them to infuse into the base spirit. We then distil this to create a high strength gin that is then combined with purified water to the final strength.

Stockport Gin

Tasting Notes: Citrus forward, with sharp notes and sweeter citrus peel, warming spices, distinct notes of juniper alongside lots of earthy, foresty pine.

Perfect Serve: Serve with lots of ice, a premium tonic, a wedge of lemon and some juniper berries.


Our Giant Leap Limited Edition Gin has been produced in conjunction with Totally Stockport to celebrate the Stockport Frogs Art Trail. It is made using 7 of our Stockport Gin Botanicals with the Orange Peel replaced with a twist of fresh lime.

Tasting Notes: Plenty of crisp citrus zest, forest floor elements and bright juniper, with some warming spice underneath.

Perfect Serve: Serve with lots of ice, a premium tonic and a wedge of lime.


Our Pink Edition is made with the Stockport Gin botanicals and then infused with Strawberries, Raspberries and Pomegranates to give3 a fruity twist on our original Stockport Gin. Our Pink edition is a traditional gin with not too much sweetness to give a good flavour but retain the juniper notes.

Stockport gin Pink Edition

Tasting Notes: Fresh berry sweetness sits up front - though it's not a sugary gin at all! Good balance of fresh pine, juniper and spicy pepper.

Perfect Serve: Serve with lots of ice, a premium tonic, some strawberrie or a  mint leaf.