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We get contacted almost daily from various different chairities, UK wide, and asked to donate products as raffle prizes or contribute to fundraisers etc. As you can imagine - gin is a popular prize! As a small business, as much as we would love to be in a position to say yes to everyone, we would end up giving away more gin than we sell. We also feel that rather than making a tiny difference to lots of charities we would rather make a BIG difference to one charity.

Each year, we have decided to partner with a Stockport based charity to raise funds for them. This year we are partnered with


Mentell provide circles for men aged 18+ to talk in a safe and confidential space, free from advice and judgement. Click the logo above to find out more about Mentell, what they do and how you can support them.

To see how much we have raised so far, or to donate, click the link below!


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