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Here at Stockport Gin we recieve emails & messages daily asking if we can donate a bottle of gin for lots of worthy causes including charity raffles, school fairs, fundraisers, events, etc etc, many tug on the heartstrings and we have indeed donated to lots in the last 5 months... and although we would LOVE to say yes to every request, sadly we can't! (We'd give away more gin than we actually sell if we did, and sadly we aren't a multi-million pound company with rich investors - we are just 2 people making gin in the back room trying to get a new business off the ground!) But it bothers us that we say yes to some and not

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WE ARE ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE HAVE BEEN SHORTLISTED FOR AN AWARD AT THE 2019 STOCKPORT BUSINESS AWARDS!!! Last week we heard the news that we have been shortlisted in the 'Most Promising Young Business' category for the 2019 awards. As you can imagine, after only launching at the end of March we are over the moon to be given this recognition of our success so far and we can't wait for the awards night...fingers crossed! It has been a crazy few months for us both and to have the recognition from the judges that we are suitable to be on the shortlist against other great young businesses it fantastic and gives us a real boost to continue...

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