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You may have seen a post yesterday on our social media pages about some of our new environmentally friendly packaging, so we thought now was a good time to write about it to give you a bit more information.

When we first launched Stockport Gin 2 months ago we were very conscious about costs, not only for us but for you too, the people who actually buy our gin and pay for postage and packing.

We looked at a whole host of packaging options, but to start with, in a bid to keep costs down, by far the most cost effective way was using the plastic air-pack wraps for the bottles to keep them safe during transit. 

However, this didn't sit well with us and how we want our business to operate, as we were fully aware that single use plastics are NOT GOOD and that in the future we would need to make a decision on how to move forward with this and change our ways to do our bit for the environment. 

Luckily sooner rather than later, we are in the fortunate position that we can make this change NOW after just 2 months of trading, and from now on you will now start to see your online orders arriving in 100% RECYCLED AND RECYCLABLE cardboard bubble wrap with made with biodegradable materials. We will no longer be using the single use plastic air-packs.

All of our packaging boxes we have used from the start are 100% recyclable, and from responsible sources. We also only ever use paper cups & straws at events, and paper bags (branded of course!) when we sell our gin at markets and events - no plastic bags here!

Is the new packaging more expensive? Yes.

Will postage costs be increasing? NO!

As a company, no matter how big or small, we feel it is our responsibility to make changes like this to benefit the world we live in. You only need to google ‘single use plastics’ to see the damage these items are causing to the environment and when you look at the type of items that cause this, it's clear to see that if change started at the top, from the people who insist on using these materials for their products, it would happen a lot faster. 

The time will come when single use plastic is banned and it can’t come soon enough. We just want to make sure that even before this, we are doing all we can to reduce its use.

As well as this we are also currently looking at a number of other areas where we think we could improve our products and processes to be much more environmentally friendly. Watch this space for more news soon!

Paul & Cheryl



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